Smartest in EV charging solutions

Benergy’s EV Charging Solutions can be applied in a wide range of residential, commercial, workplace, public, and fleet charging sites. Whether it’s for employees to charge throughout the day or for highway service stations where drivers expect to stay for only a cup of coffee, there is suitable EV charging infrastructure to choose from.

Choose Benergy EV Charging Solutions because they cover more than just charging. Convert your charge point into a solar-powered system with better efficiency than grid-powered systems. Improve your charging service, optimize your energy cost, and tackle power peak with an on-site energy storage system. This is especially beneficial for EV charging points in rural areas.



Fast Charging

  @……   Complete product portfolio with globally compatible AC 7–22 kW chargers and DC 30–480 kW fast chargers


Charging supervision

  &……   Intuitive web-based EV charging infrastructure management system for overseeing charging and energy use


Energy Storage

  !……   Your choice to integrate solar power, energy storage, or both


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