Zhibang, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

We offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions—chargers, software, and services. Our charging solutions are compatible with all EV models,  powered by intelligent software,flexible to integrate with your business and offer a smooth user experience to users.


Our Services
OEM Services

We can build and contract out to produce EV chargers based on customer’s design for logo on Front Panel, User Manual, Nameplate, Length of Charging Cable, Color, Size, Function, Shape, Design, Label, Language, Package, Barcode Stickers and so on for customers.

OEM applicable to those customers with good understanding of EV products , mature sales teams and it’s own brand awareness among local populations, hope to find mature and very cost-effective EV products directly by prompting his own brand.


Our Services
ODM Services

We can offer existing product design and the customer may make slight changes to sell it under their own brand name, colors, or packaging.

ODM applicable to those customers who wants to reduce investment or time into research and development to develop a new product.

The advantage of using an ODM manufacturer is the availability of the economies of scale, and the product's unit cost is lower since the manufacturer is building the same design at large volumes and the customer can focus more time and money on marketing strategies.

Key Takeaway

When deciding to use an OEM vs an ODM, it really comes down to available resources. If a company has a research and development budget, along with a reasonable time-to-market plan, then using an OEM is a good fit.
If time and resources are scarce, then ODM is the route to go to launch a product. 

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