Addressing Range Anxiety: Improving Public Charging Infrastructure to Support the Electric Vehicle Revolution

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution gains momentum, EV owners’ reliance on public charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly evident. However, this growing dependency comes with a persistent challenge: range anxiety. According to the latest Charging Index, over half of EV owners expect their vehicles to cover at least 500 kilometers on a full charge, while 56% of respondents reported experiencing high or very high levels of range anxiety.

The survey highlighted variations across regions, with Asian EV drivers showing higher levels of range anxiety compared to their European counterparts. Addressing this concern necessitates improving public charging sufficiency. The vehicle-to-public-charger ratio emerged as a key indicator, revealing room for improvement in regular public chargers. However, progress was observed in public DC chargers, particularly in Europe and the Americas, although they still trail behind China.
To support the widespread adoption of EVs, it is crucial for governments and businesses to collaborate and enhance public charging infrastructure. By building a robust network of public DC chargers, we can alleviate range anxiety and encourage a smoother transition to sustainable mobility.

As we envision a greener future, understanding and meeting the needs of EV owners remain paramount. The Charging Index provides valuable insights that guide us in shaping a more sustainable and efficient charging ecosystem, benefitting both consumers and the environment.

Source: EV Charging Index 2023 | Roland Berger

Post time: Aug-03-2023

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