7kW AC EV Charger (Standing Floor)

Technical Specification

  • Model ZBEVA-007-13
  • Rated Charging Power 7kW
  • 7kW AC Input Voltage 220Vac±20%
  • Rated Frequency 50±5Hz
  • AC Output Voltage 220V
  • AC Output Rated Current 32A
  • IP Protection Degree IP54
  • Operation Temperature -20℃~+50℃
  • Product Detail

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    About This Item

    The AC Wallbox is a versatile AC charger meant for homes, businesses, and charge point operators. It comes in 7kW 11kW and 22kW. Benergy AC Electric Vehicle Charger Series is perfect for residential and commercial applications.


    Benergy AC Wallbox creates smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with outstanding design. Benery AC EV Charger is an incredibly small yet powerful smart charger for your electric vehicle.  Benergy is perfect for everyday charging at home because its compact size means it fits in any garage.
    Always a charger nearby.
    Experience the freedom of electric driving.
    Whether you are traveling downtown or to the other side of the country.
    Our charging stations will keep you on the road.

    The many possible combinations make Benery the ideal choic for our home. Benergy comes with an integrated cable and its suitable for any electric car with a type 1 or type 2 charging connector. Choose between 7KW, 11KW or 22kw.


    Benery AC EV Charger is an incredibly small yet powerful smart charger for your electric vehicle. 
    Widely arrange of application. Small, smart ,safe, reliable and easy-to- use.

    - Smart interface
    - Easy to use

    - Same reliability & flexibility 
    - Charges all standard electric vehicles 

    - Integrated safety features
    - 7kW power output, equivalent to a charging speed of approximately 28 miles per hour.

    - It uses an AC charging cable with a Type 2 connector, which is the standard for many European and Asian electric vehicles.

    - The charger is designed to be installed on the floor with a solid base and support structure.

    - It may have a display that shows charging status and other relevant information, such as power consumed.

    - Certain models may be equipped with safety features such as overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.

    - The charger can also be networked and connected to a management system allowing remote monitoring.

    Overall, the 7kw AC EV charger for car charging station floor standing is an essential infrastructure for EV drivers, providing a convenient and reliable way to charge vehicles while parked.

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