Opportunities and Growth in the Electric Truck Charging Market: A Look at Europe’s Potential by 2030

By 2030, there will be an estimated 550,000+ electric truck fleet in Europe, which presents a sizeable market opportunity for charging businesses. Charger demand is anticipated to soar from less than 10,000 installed units today to over 400,000 units by 2030, representing an average yearly growth of more than 60% in the installed base.
As of right now, extra government subsidies and toll exemptions are required to make the TCO for electric trucks competitive with internal combustion engines. It will take some time until the vehicle and refuelling reliability is on par with conventional trucks. Environmentally friendly legislation is coming, and the passenger automobile industry is accelerating the development of battery and charging technology.

Megawatt charging along highways and at key logistical hubs, including harbours, frequently calls for grid connections in the double-digit MW range that cannot be met by connections to the current medium-voltage grid. For global DC charger manufactures, these circumstances create a huge market opportunity.

Depot chargers will predominate, but alternative charger types are anticipated to become more significant as longer-haulage operations advance in technical viability by the decade’s end. Depot charging is anticipated to make up over 80% of installed chargers by 2030, however it will be less dominating in terms of revenue pools.
According to Arthur d. Little, just 41% of the estimated revenue pools for truck charging in 2030 would be related to the depot charging use case. This is partly because the hardware will be less expensive and require substantially less power.

Income pools associated to hardware will reach about a billion euros by 2025 and triple by 2030. The recurring operations sector is anticipated to increase even further, quintupling to €800 million (US $870 million) by 2030. These revenue streams primarily revolve around DC charging hardware.

Source: Truck Electrification — Profit Booster or White Elephant? | Arthur D. Little

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Post time: Jul-13-2023

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