Energy storage system

Technical Specification

ESSs can also help reduce energy costs by allowing utilities to store energy during periods of low demand and release energy during periods of peak demand, minimizing the need for expensive fossil fuel-powered peaking plants. In conclusion, energy storage systems are an essential part of the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. They can help ensure a reliable, efficient supply of electricity to homes and businesses, while also reducing the carbon footprint of energy production and distribution.

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Energy storage system  integration

High Power PCS Serie: 250/630/1500/2600KW
Micro-grid control cabinet:100/250/500/1000/2000KW
Low power PCS Series: 5/30kW
Energy storage integration: 250KW~5200KW
Energy Storage: BMS、EMS、DC Cabinet etc Provide energy storage related supporting products, including, Including BMS/EMS/DC cabinet, etc.

Product Series


Products Battery

The many possible combinations make Benery the ideal choic for our home. Benergy comes with an integrated cable and its suitable for any electric car with a type 1 or type 2 charging connector. Choose between 7KW, 11KW or 22kw.

The product completely solves potential safety hazards, and there are no flammable and explosive problems

7500 times of single cell, more than 5000 times of cycle life of the system, to solve life worries

Top sealing technology

The step-by-step sealing process is adopted, and the battery is in a vacuum state; when the battery is abused and causes a bulge, the battery does not leak;


High energy density
Relying on the product's high energy density and system optimization design, it can provide the lithium iron phosphate battery system with the highest energy density in the industry

High Power Density
Thin battery, uniform and efficient heat dissipation; Single core maximum 5C charge and discharge rate, installed 3C energy storage system;

Stable Performance
pplication experience in multiple energy storage power station projects, superior product performance;

Mechanical Properties


• Precipitation for application technology
• Quick response
• Multi-machine wireless V/F parallel technology
• black start technology

• VSG (Virtual Synchronization) Technology
• Reactive support
• High altitude,high severe cold, high salt spray design
• 25 years long life design

Product Application


Modular Design
Compact structure, depth is not more than 700mm
Container operation and maintenance space 800~900mm

Virtual SynchronizationTechnology
Support one frequency modulation/voltage regulation, Secondary frequency modulation/voltage regulation, harmonic suppression

Reactive Support
Power factor- 1~1, Full capacity reactive power support

Online seamless switching of working
P/Q、V/F、VSG Online Switching

Noise Reduction Design
Container noise reduction treatment can be reduced to 45dB

Multi-machine wireless V/F parallel connection
Power Equalization >99%
Common Model Rejection, Resonance Rejection

Black Boot
Transformer Shock Solutions
Low temperature solutions for alpine regions

Environmental adaptability
Actual operation in areas of high cold, high altitude
, and high salt spray


Black boot


Parallel Connection of Multiple Machines


VSG Control Mode


MS level response speed


Charge and discharge conversion ≤30ms



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