180kw Public DC Fast Charging Piles

Technical Specification

  • Model ZBEVD-180-32
  • Rated Charging Power 180kW
  • DC Output Voltage 200V~1000V
  • DC Output Current 2x250A
  • Input Voltage 323~437Vac
  • Input Current 305A
  • Power Factor ≥0.99
  • Protection Degree IP54
  • Operation Temperature -20℃~+50℃
  • Overall Efficiency ≥95%
  • Human-computer Interaction 7 inch LCD Display
  • Product Detail

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    About This Item

    180kW Public Fast DC EV Charging Station.


    Public fast DC EV charging stations are state-of-the-art EV charging stations designed for fast and efficient charging times. Capable of delivering up to 180 kW of power, it can charge electric vehicles quickly and efficiently. The charging station is an important part of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, making it easier for drivers to travel long distances without worrying about running out of battery.

    ZBEVD-180-32 is a basic DC Fast EV charger station. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and provides complete protection function. The LCD display can show the charging status, user friendly. It supports GSM/3G/4G/Ethernet communication with party system for remote monitoring/maintain/upgrade. The charger can optionally equip with a column support installed outdoors.

    The 180kW public fast DC EV charging stations are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a safe and reliable charging experience. The charging station is specifically designed to provide fast charging for electric vehicles with a DC input, which is much faster than traditional AC charging stations. It can provide up to 80% battery charge in just 20-30 minutes.

    The charging station is equipped with a reliable and advanced high-voltage and high-current protection system to ensure the safety and efficiency of the entire charging process. In addition to fast charging of electric vehicles, public fast DC electric vehicle charging stations are also designed to be energy efficient. The station is equipped with an advanced monitoring system that provides real-time data on state of charge, battery health and other vital information. This ensures that the charging process is optimized to minimize energy waste and provide the highest charging efficiency. The 180kW public fast DC EV charging station is designed to be easy to operate and convenient for EV drivers. The charging station has a sleek and modern design and is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows the driver to easily initiate the charging process. The charging station is also equipped with a host of user-friendly features such as an easy-to-reach charging cable, Braille instructions and audio prompts. Public fast DC electric vehicle charging stations are designed with environmental considerations in mind.

    The charging station is highly efficient, reducing energy consumption during charging and helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of EV charging. It has advanced features such as an active cooling system that helps manage the station's temperature and reduce energy waste. In summary, the 180kW Public Fast DC EV Charging Station is a state-of-the-art EV charging station designed to provide fast, reliable and energy-efficient charging for EVs. It is an essential part of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, allowing drivers to travel greater distances without worrying about running out of battery. The charging station is easy to use, safe and designed with the environment in mind, making it an essential tool for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


    Wide range of applications, wide range of constant power, support for platforms above 800V, complete functions, high compatibility, high cost performance, concurrent charging, capacity can be increased.

    Simple installation:
    No complicated installation process is required, it can be used when power is connected.

    7 Inch LCD Display:
    LCD screen can display the real-time charging status, including time, voltage, current, power and temperature.

    IP54, Strong and Durable: 
    Support outdoor harsh environment,waterproof and dust-proof. Rugged shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car.

    Easy to install and use
    The installation process is simple, payment is convenient and fast, supports IC card swiping. Fully compatible with all EV in the market.


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