60kw Standalone DC EV Charging Station

Technical Specification

  • Model ZBEVD-060-32
  • Rated Charging Power 60kW
  • DC Output Voltage 200V~1000V
  • Max. Output Current of Single Gun 200A
  • Input Voltage 323~437Vac
  • Input Current 96A
  • Power Factor ≥0.99
  • Protection Degree IP54
  • Operation Temperature -20℃~+50℃
  • Overall Efficiency ≥95%
  • Human-computer Interaction 7 inch LCD Display
  • Product Detail

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    About This Item

    DC charging works with the vast majority of passenger vehicles.


    This charging station is ideal for public and private charging locations such as car parks, fleet depots and commercial enterprises. The 60kW DC integrated charging station is compatible with most EVs, including those with CHAdeMO and CCS2 DC fast charging connectors, ensuring it can quickly and efficiently charge a wide range of vehicles. Its dual-gun design allows it to service two electric vehicles simultaneously, reducing overall charging time for drivers and maximizing charging station availability. This charging station is also designed to be intelligent and user-friendly.

    The 60kW DC integrated charging station with dual guns is a state-of-the-art charging station designed to provide fast and reliable charging for electric vehicles (EV). It can simultaneously charge two electric vehicles using two charging cables, each providing up to 60kW of DC power.

    It is equipped with an interactive touchscreen display that provides user-friendly instructions and information on the charging status of the electric vehicle. The display also features an intuitive billing system, allowing users to easily pay for charging.


    60kW DC Integrated Charging Station (Double Gun)

    In terms of safety, the 60kW DC integrated charging station has a series of protection systems to ensure safe and reliable charging.

    It has multiple layers of protection, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection and short circuit protection.

    These safety features give drivers peace of mind and protect their EVs and the charging station itself.

    The compact and robust design of the 60kW DC integrated charging station makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

    It is weather-resistant, dust- and water-resistant, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions and reduce maintenance costs.

    To sum up, the 60kW dual-charger DC integrated charging station is a cutting-edge charging solution that provides fast, reliable and safe charging for electric vehicles.


    Mechanical Properties
    Wide range of applications, wide range of constant power, support for platforms above 800V, complete functions and high compatibility.

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