30KW DC Rapid Charge for EV cars

Technical Specification

  • Model ZBEVD-030-31
  • Rated Charging Power 30kW
  • DC Output Voltage 200V~1000V
  • Max. Output Current of Single Gun 100A
  • Input Voltage 323~437Vac
  • Input Current 46A
  • Power Factor ≥0.99
  • Protection Degree IP54
  • Operation Temperature -20℃~+50℃
  • Overall Efficiency ≥95%
  • Human-computer Interaction 7 inch LCD Display
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    About This Item

    At EVBox, we have fast chargers that span from 50 kW all the way to 350kW.


    The kW output of DC fast charging stations varies depending on multiple factors including location, make, and model. 

    Broadly speaking, there are two different kinds of DC fast charging stations: standalone, and split.
    Standalone: comprised of a single unit, standalone charging stations can usually deliver between 50 kW and 250 kW of power.
    Split: charging stations with split architecture come with two main components—a user unit and a power unit—and usually deliver between 175 kW and 350 kW.

    Unlike AC chargers, a DC charger has the converter inside the charger itself. That means it can feed power directly to the car's battery and doesn't need the onboard charger to convert it.

    EV fast and ultra-fast charging stations charge an electric vehicle’s battery directly, reducing charging time, and accelerating the energy transition.


    Decrease charging time
    DC fast chargers are significantly faster than regular AC charging stations taking between 15 and 45 minutes to charge most passenger electric vehicles up to 80 percent—making it quick and easy to charge on the go.

    Gain loyal customers
    As EV adoption increases, EV drivers are looking for reliable places to charge. For businesses targeting this well-to-do market segment, EV charging is a powerful way to gain new customers and have them return on a regular basis.

    Drive sustainable change
    With more DC fast charging stations available, one of the main barriers to electric vehicle adoption—range anxiety—is reduced, positioning your business as a front runner in the electric mobility transition.

    Input over-voltage, input under-voltage, short circuit, over temperature, lightning protection, insulation detection, battery overcharge.

    Mechanical Properties
    Low-power DC, suitable for shopping malls, wide-range constant power, supports platforms above 800V, complete functions and high compatibility.

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