65KWH/60KW Mobile Energy Storage Charging Robot

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Mobile Energy Storage Charging Solution Enhance your charging experience with our innovative 65KWH/60KWMobile energy storage charging system.

Designed to resemble a sleek van, this compact vehicle offers two-thirds of the volume of a standard vehicle, making it a practical choice for various settings such as residential areas, shopping malls, hotels, and highway service areas.

Operated effortlessly through a remote controller, this energy storage charging solution has a range of 100 meters, ensuring convenient access across a wide area.

Stay informed about your battery status with the LED screen, allowing you to monitor the SOC at a glance.

With its flexible nature, this charging system easily adapts to different power requirements. Instead of searching for power sources for your vehicle, let our innovative solution bring the power directly to you.

Revolutionize your charging routine and enjoy a safe, efficient, practical, and convenient charging experience like never before.Upgrade your charging capabilities with our state-of-the-art 65KWH/60KWMobile energy storage charging system.

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Explore the possibilities of a more accessible and convenient charging solution today.

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